About Us

Greg and Aaron


Born and raised in Ottawa in a loving home but ended up leaving home and high school at a young age to discover life. Homeless for a period of time and hitch-hiked to Nova Scotia in the early ’80s. Homeless in Halifax until he met someone who would end up being like a brother to him. Ended up living on the Murphy family’s 75 foot sailboat, the Mar II, and accepted into the family.

After a very short-lived relocation to Houston, Texas, he returned to Ottawa, finished high school, worked a myriad of jobs, taught himself how to program computers and ended up working at the House of Commons for 13 years.

Left the House of Commons in 2001 to work on the family business Keltic Nations (Celtic jewellery)

Attained the rank of black belt in traditional jiu jitsu in 2007 and began teaching martial arts shortly thereafter and finally managing and teaching at Cooligan Martial Arts and Fitness

Working from home and also part time at the club, where the family also trained and worked, meant a strong family bond.

Greg had the privilege and trust of the homeschooling community to chaperone children in the homeschooling community which is where he met Madeleine and her family, as did Aric.


Aaron is the third of 4 children, Aric’s younger brother.

Aaron was promoted to his black belt in traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu at 13 years old becoming the 4th in the family to achieve this rank at Cooligan Martial Arts and Fitness.

Aaron was the catalyst that turned personal walks into a fundraiser in 2022, after mentioning to his father, Greg, that he would like to join him on a future walk. That first walk, with no previous experience with long walks, no training and old footwear, Aaron completed the 44km walk and soon after, enthusiastically agreed to this years 100km walk.

He is passionate about whatever he takes on and has always been able to beat all challenges and is confident that he will conquer this years 24 hour, 100km walk.

Our next event:

June 2-3, 2023

24 hour walk through 24 wards in Ottawa, ON in support of Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa